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Risk Management
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History Lesson
In which my penchant for archival research takes a humorous turn...
Facing Floods
With devastating floods affecting large swaths of New England, independent insurance agents must do all they can to disabuse their clients of any notion that a typical homeowners insurance policy covers flooding.
Time to Get Real
If the ultimate goal for independent agents is "real time" interaction with insurers, they need to take the steps themselves to achieve it.
End of the Race
In which I rely upon my iPod to provide me with inspiration for editorializing...
Clear on Coast
Rhode Island lawmakers continue their quest for knowledge, but eye their instructors with an unhealthy measure of suspicion.
Having and Eating Cake
Insurers might find Congress won't be willing to embrace antitrust exemptions AND the open market some segments of the industry crave.
Soft Market Resolutions
The excess and surplus lines market waved goodbye to the hard market some time ago, but warn standard market companies about their underwriting and pricing practices.
Coming to Sense
Misconceptions abound in Congress about the role and reputation of the insurance industry.
Auto Anticipation (Again)
The most recent study of auto insurance in Massachusetts recommends measured competition on products and some pricing – there's no reason for all involved not to be optimistic.
Waiting and Watching
Somewhere out there, is a report of the Massachusetts private passenger automobile insurance system. It may contain recommendations for reform, or it might recommend sticking with the status quo.

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