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Classifieds FAQ

Q: What categories of classified ads do you run?
A: We run Help Wanted, Position Wanted, and Agency Buy/Sell.

Q: What types of ads do you run?
A: We have two types: line ads and display ads. Line ads are text only and are formatted to our set guidelines. Display ads are designed and can include graphics, photos, or logos. Display ads can be designed and submitted by the advertiser, or our production department can design an ad for you at no extra charge.

Q: If I want to submit my own display ad, what size should it be?
A: Your ad can be any height up to 10" tall, but must conform to one of three width sizes: 2.3", 4.9", or 7.5". Please submit your ad as a high resolution PDF, eps, indd, or tiff.

Q: What does it cost to advertise?
A: That depends on what type of ad you choose to run, how large your ad is, and how many weeks you'd like to run it. A line ad is charged by number of words, a display ad by per column inch. You can download a PDF of our current pricing guides here.

Q: Where will my ad appear?
A: In the classifieds section in the print and digital editions of The Standard. This is included in the price.

Q: Can I ask for my ad to be placed in a certain part of a section (e.g. first ad in a category, not at the bottom, etc.)?
A: Position guarantees are not available for the classifieds section. Ads are ordered according to space requirements.

Q: Are there discounts available?
A: There are frequency discounts. See pricing PDF for details.

Q: I don't want to put my contact information in the ad. Can I place an ad anonymously?
A: We have a blind box option which sets up The Standard as the contact. Your information will be kept confidential and all responses will be forwarded to you. There is a one time charge of $12.00 for this service.

Q: When is my classified ad due?
A: No later than noon Tuesday of the issue week you would like the ad to appear.

Q: How do I pay for my ad?
A: You can either pay by credit card up front or choose to be invoiced. Credit card payment is required for ads less than $300.

Q: I'm ready to place my ad, how do I submit it?
A: By contacting our Classified Advertising Department at 617-457-0600 or click here to email. You can also fax your ad to 617-457-0608. Once your ad is received, it will be placed in our format, quoted, and sent back as a proof for your approval.



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